Creating our Test

Bringing together data and science to predict dementia risk

Our test integrates advanced data science methods and rigorous scientific research to give you high-quality information about your brain health. As a brief overview, the stages involved to create the test includes:

Science Review

To make sure our test is firmly rooted in science, we did a comprehensive review of current research about brain health to identify important factors that can affect the risk of dementia. For information about these factors, please visit The Science/Contributing Factors.

Science and Data

Using high-quality data from the Health and Retirement Survey (HRS), we then combined information from our science review with a variety of advanced machine learning tools to identify the best set of questions that gave the most accurate brain health assessments based on medical diagnoses of dementia risk.

Question Selection

Finally, from the best set of questions, the most important ones were selected to create our test.

More Information

This is a brief summary of how we combined data and science to develop our test. For a more technical and in-depth discussion please visit More Information.