What is Dementia?

Dementia affects a person's thinking, their behaviour and their ability to perform everyday tasks.

Why Brain Health?

Brain health is important to your life. It allows you to recognize your family and friends, make decisions, and perform everyday tasks like eating. However, as your get older, scientific research has shown that your brain health can suffer from a brain disease called dementia.

Why should you care about Dementia?

Dementia is a leading brain disease that’s progressive, irreversible, and has no cure. Currently, nearly 50 million people worldwide have dementia and over 70 million will have it by 2030.

Dementia is not a part of “normal” aging. It’s a major cause of disability, dependency, and stress for families. Current medical procedures for diagnosing dementia are often complex and expensive.

Why brainHealthDx?

brainHealthDx is a simple and accessible test that integrates rigorous scientific research and advanced data science to assess brain health. We work hard to ensure our test gives you high-quality information about your brain health that’s scientifically-grounded, data-driven, and ethically-mindful.

While our goal is not to replace medical assessments given by medical experts, we hope brainHealthDx helps reduce barriers to evaluating brain health and encourages those who may be at risk of dementia to proactively seek preventative care. brainHealthDx seeks to empower you to live fulfilling and healthy lives by allowing you to easily and quickly evaluate your brain health—wherever, whenever.

Want to know more about your brain health? Take our Test.